Families First


My younger sister and I used to play in our back yard a lot as kids. Many times, we'd climb two separate trees in the far corner of the yard. My sister would talk to my tree and tell her all of the things on her mind; how her week was going, what she was excited about, and what made her sad. I'd talk back to her in a wise voice while I shook the branch from my tree. It always listened and always told her everything was going to be all right. We called it the "Friendly Branch."

We still talk about those trees. They were meaningful conversations for us. And all that was involved was slowing down, listening, being creative, and using our imaginations.

I've always been drawn to art and how it can empower children. As I looked into starting a new company, I wanted the theme of "inspiring creativity in kids" to be at it's core.


Our first project was bringing a grey wall at Families First to life. Families First provides programs, resources, and support to families to prevent child abuse. Some children live on the premises and spend a fair amount of time in this multi-purpose room. We transformed it into an outdoor scene and used magnetic paint so children could create their own creatures to live alongside the animals in the mural.

We're launching with a small set of tee-shirts called "Creativi-tees" that inspire creativity in the children that wear them. 10% of the profits will go to National Endowment for the Arts.

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Thank you,

Kevin Menzie
Founder, Friendly Branch